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Natural Fiber Products

Natural fiber furniture such as Banana Leaf (Abaca), Water Hyacinth, Sea Grass, Rattan and bamboo are uniquely attractive. Woven spun plant fiber furniture can introduce a rustic, tropical element into the interior decoration of a room.

Dried plant fibers are lightweight, durable and extremely abundant and they are easier to harvest than wood or animal products. The ecological impact of weaving fast growing grasses and vines to make furniture is lower than cutting forests, as the material is renewed each year.

Spun plant fiber cord can be created from a wide range of abundant, renewable plant material, and the beautiful deep dyed colors (black, white, cream, beige, honey, mocha, mahogany, burgundy, cherry rosewood) do not require painting.

Natural fiber furnishings offer distinct advantages to the practical interior decorator. They are significantly cheaper compared to similarly sized and designed wood furniture. They are much lighter than wood and more convenient in modern mobile lifestyles. Finally, they absorb dyed colors beautifully, accentuating classic casual, tropical beach style designs.

Shown on this page is a small selection of the wide range of products we can provide. Please contact us at for enquiries.